What waits for us after death

What waits for us after death

Question that waits for us after death, excites minds of generations not one century. Still in the ancient time people thought that behind line of life there is life too, but beyond the grave. There are several theories in this respect.

In Ancient Egypt the people believed what after the death of people will live in other world therefore the Pharaoh to a final journey was sent with a set of various things, beginning from ware and finishing with jewelry. Together with it destroyed both his family, and servants that it was not boring. Today it can seem awful, but then was ordinary business. However, all these things of the Pharaoh were taken away by marauders and hardly got to him in use.

Religion and death

There were later different religions in which after the deaths different things occurred. For example, in Christianity it is considered that the person as will die, will get to a purgatory where will solve where to send soul - to paradise or to hell. The decision is made depending on acts during life. What less people sinned with, that high probability of hit to paradise, to better life. Followers of Christianity are worldwide, but the majority inhabits Europe, South and North America. The second, not less known religion – Islam. On its representations the person after death can also get either to Heaven, or to hell. The difference only that "court" is made directly in a grave, at first soul does not go anywhere. And interrogation is conducted by one or two angels. The Buddhism preaches regeneration after death, or reincarnation. Depending on what karma you had during this life, you regenerate in the best appearance or the worst. Regeneration and in an animal appearance is possible. As it is possible to notice, all religions learn to live life correctly that later death to get some advantage in the following life. Someone trusts in it, and someone is not present, and it is normal.

Scientific concept of death

Some miracle which can happen in life helps to think of presence of the highest forces to us, but a few people carry out all the life together with religion today and visits temples. A scientific picture of the world and scientists prove us more and more things. And it becomes more difficult to believe that people have soul which is immortal. It is far simpler to think that after death the people, as well as all live, wither and over time collapses bacteria. It is the special point of view which gains the increasing popularity presently. Of course, not everyone wants to think so, but it takes place to be. Anyway it is impossible to learn the answer to this question. Any living person will not tell us what occurs after death as well as the dead. Partly it is even good, the main thing to live life adequately, and then about you there will be a memory if there is no soul.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team