When to begin to use walkers

When to begin to use walkers

Development of the child in many respects depends on that how many he moves. However while the kid grows and is not able to stand on legs yet, he can move only on handles at mom. The baby requires a lot of attention, he wants beloved mummy always to be with it. And here mom, except cares of the child, is expected by numerous house efforts. Such invention as walkers allowed to facilitate work of mothers, they give the chance to the kid independently to move.


1. An opportunity to independently learn the world around will bring to the child a lot of joy. In walkers it is possible not only to stand, looking back and turning, but also to make steps without the mother's help. However this, apparently, convenient device conceals in itself serious danger. The fact is that the children who are constantly in walkers do not seek to learn to go on the legs. Also, at frequent use of walkers, there is a high probability of deformation still of weak legs and a backbone of the kid.

2. Walkers can be used in case the child already surely sits, i.e. not earlier than six-month age. The kid can be in walkers not more often 2 times a day 40-45 minutes. If it is too frequent to use walkers, at the child the desire to move independently will disappear. The child has to learn to creep, crawling helps to develop the muscular device and strengthens the child's backbone.

3. The small child is not able to be guided accurately in space. Moving in walkers, he clings to furniture and corners, gets stuck between them. It often leads to the capsizing of walkers involving injuries and bruises of the kid. That it did not occur, it is necessary to choose models with a deep chair and the wide basis. It is also important that the back of a chair was rather high and provided reliable fixing of the child.

4. If all of you decided to use walkers, then choose the model, most convenient and safe for the child. The walkers equipped with a special bumper allow to avoid collisions with furniture and objects. Upon purchase also pay attention to wheels: the their is more, the it will be easier for the kid to move. Some models are complemented with a table-top with the game panel. If necessary the table-top easily is removed.

5. Do not buy static devices in which the possibility of regulation of height of a seat is not provided. If it is inconvenient to child to be in walkers, load of his weak backbone will increase many times that can cause a number of serious problems, up to a backbone curvature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team