Where to bring together children on vacation

Where to bring together children on vacation

Vacation – one of the most long-awaited periods in the school student's life. During this time pupils gain strength for further classes, distract from study and specially enjoy each free day. To help the child to enjoy fully deserved rest, it is possible to reduce it on any actions or to places, interesting to it.


1. With small children it is possible to go to puppet theater or on children's representations which are arranged during vacation drama or youth theaters. For this purpose in advance to know the schedule of performances better and to buy at them tickets, otherwise it is possible just not to get there.

2. During vacation to the cities and villages often there come the going on tour troupes of the circus actors, figure skaters and actors showing interesting representations for children. It is possible to learn about them from local media. You bring together the child on such show programs - it will present him the mass of impressions and positive emotions.

3. You go with the child to an exhibition or in the museum where it will be interesting to him. Boys, for example, can are interested in expositions with cars, ancient weapon or regimentals, and girls – with dresses of different eras or dolls. Also interestingly it will also be useful to bring together children in the children's science museum. Choosing the place to visit, surely consider also addictions of the child if he practises music or drawing, perhaps, it is worth reducing it in the museums with such specifics.

4. During good weather visit a local zoo, you descend on the attractions loved by children or just take a walk in the park and breathe fresh air. In the winter days it is good to drive with children on the sledge from big hills which often arrange in local parks, or on skates. And after the child will work up appetite, such trifles are especially pleasant to children to treat him with something tasty in cozy cafe –.

5. And if during vacation the weather does not please with heat and the sun, go to the cinema on some interesting movie or a cartoon. Or visit bowling club and compete in knocking-out by a pin – such game will be useful not only to children, but also to adults.

6. You bring together the child on any sports competition, for example on basketball, soccer or hockey. The victory of favorite team is always joy and positive emotions. Besides it can inspire your child on sports activities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team