Where to give the child to be engaged in painting in St. Petersburg

Where to give the child to be engaged in painting in St. Petersburg

Each child shows some abilities: someone beautifully dances, someone sings, and someone draws. In order that the child could devote the life to favourite business, it is necessary to help it with development of its abilities. So, if he well dances and sings, then he can be given or to dancing group, or to give on singing. And if he perfectly draws, then to him the road to art school.


1. "School of drawing on Vasileostrovskaya". There is this institution on Uralskaya Street. Here the project under the name "School desk" is carried out. Its essence: training of children and adults in new technology of execution in the fine arts. Teaching is carried out by means of individual approach to each pupil.

2. Art and esthetic lyceum No. 190. Address: Fontanka River Embankment. In this educational building children of 12 years are engaged. Except a practical training, the theory is taught here: teachers of lyceum and Art and Industrial Academy tell about the history of painting and the drawing. Upon termination of training exhibitions by results of which the won participants come to Academy are held.

3. Children's fine art studio "Magic wand". There is it in the Pushkin House of culture. Here children of 3-4 years are engaged. The special atmosphere reigning here will help the child to feel surely and will adjust him on a creative harmony. Time in half a year exhibitions of drawings are held here.

4. City art school. It is located on Rimsky-Korsakov Avenue. The children who already have skills of drawing are accepted here. Except training in classes, at school there is an opportunity to employ the tutor. All objects are taught with in-depth study here.

5. Art-Master Club. This studio on Zaytsev Street is located. Training is provided for children here - of 14 years and for adults. In this club, different options of training are possible: courses and disposable classes.

6. "Chestnut". Location: Rubenstein St. Here classes in "spontaneous painting" style are given, i.e. children draw not only brushes, but also fingers. Coming here, it is necessary to take old clothes which are not a pity for soiling. Classes are designed for children from 4 months to 6 years. Besides, work with parents and teachers is carried out. It is focused on special spaces: touch, graphic, Montessori and so on.

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