Where weak points at men

Where weak points at men

Though men are called men, they nevertheless have weak points. Of course, a lot of things depend on the identity of the specific young man. But the general weaknesses characteristic of guys, it is possible to allocate.


1. One of the most weak spots of men is a pride. The men's advantage, the authority should not be touched. Otherwise it is possible to wound the guy. You should not criticize the young man, especially in public. Before his friends and the family it is better to speak of the man only in a positive key. If the girl has any claims to the partner, it is more preferable to show them alone with him. It is impossible to shout and urge on the young man in the public place. Such offense and humiliation he long will not forgive.

2. Of course, guys think of the appearance not so much as women. However on signs which demonstrate their courage they pay special attention. For example, the guy can long worry because of early baldness or small growth. Such moments are a sore point for some young people.

3. One more weakness of men - a competitive element. Some guys adore winning, winning. However if comparison happens not in their advantage, young people sometimes strongly worry. Generally, this weakness needs to be used intelligently. If the girl wants to motivate the elect, she can call him for a competition. But to you it is not necessary to cite as an example someone more successful. It will offend the guy.

4. Beautiful, sexy girls are weakness of some men. Happens that the guy cannot pass such beauty by, and then suffers because of the amorousness. In general, happens that young people attach to a sex subject much more significance, than women. For example, they think of the body symbolizing men's advantage and of the endurance in a bed very much. It is important to man to take place as the lover.

5. Happens that a weak point of the man is his hobby. It can be hunting, fishing, cars, sport. Young people very much do not love when they violate their right to spend free time for a hobby. At the same time for an opportunity to indulge in hobby they are ready to offer much. Some companions of males are even jealous of them of hobbies and consider that guys give to a hobby too much time, forces and money.

6. Men who appreciate in women, first of all, ability to prepare well meet. Some guys adore eating well. Food, one may say, is their weakness. Wise girls skillfully use this vulnerability and attract guys by means of own economy. Though it is possible to find also the guys absolutely indifferent to refined food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team