Whether there are indigo adults?

Whether there are indigo adults?

The phenomenon under the name "indigo children" is not so long ago known to the general public. The child called "indigo" has improbable talents and the high level of development. They received such name because of prevalence of saturated dark blue color in the aura. Owing to big load of the intellectual sphere such children by right are called "special" as they have various difficulties in behavior.

What is known of indigo adults

If to keep the report from 70th years, i.e. that period when the "indigo" phenomenon was open, the senior generation of the first representatives of this "race" of people already grew. But there is a question: why it is still known only of indigo children? Whether there are in the nature adults with this color of aura?

This unofficial statistics demonstrates to what indigo adults becomes less.

There are unofficial data according to which only 12% of indigo people occur among youth. And the generation is more senior, the it is less among representatives of this age of such people.

For example, the indigo adult at the age of 30 years, is one on 600 people who do not have this color of aura. And among elderly people of indigo representatives and that it is less, in the ratio 1 to 1000-5000 people.

What is known of children and indigo adults

What reasons of such insignificant number of indigo adults can be? It is possible to make several assumptions, however they do not have exact confirmations today. One version can be more fantastic another. From use of indigo people by various intelligence agencies to desire of the representatives of this group to hide, with the purpose to hide the opportunities from other people. The reasons of indigo such disappearance can be in features of character and behavior of representatives of these subspecies of people. Since early years the indigo child has the special temper differing in special sensitivity and emotionality. In situations when it is necessary to conform to the rules and standards of behavior, for example at school, among friends, special desire to be free and independent is shown. Such manners often pushes away people around therefore personal contacts and the relations, as a rule, are not based. Many people besides do not perceive indigo children as special race, and consider them mentally unhealthy.

Having a severe stress, many do not maintain therefore statistically among children up to 10 years of 90% of suicides are indigo.

But nevertheless occur among adults indigo, it can be the famous musicians, scientists, actors and politicians. Also those who, despite the features, could adapt to modern living conditions meet constructed the life and found family happiness. But also exist indigo which and remained lonely, not to find the partner in life accepting him with such unusual qualities of the personality in forces. Possessing thin and supersensitive nature, they take dramas of the love relations often painfully. Perhaps, you also, without noticing it, you are near indigo adults and you have every day an opportunity to see all sides of the identity of these unusual people. However, also it is possible that you are one of them. Anyway, it is worth trying to focus attention not differences between people, and on what unites all of us despite outlook, views, consciousness level, skin color or auras.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team