Why people are not afraid of death

Why people are not afraid of death

Some people feel insuperable fear of death. Understanding that it inevitably sometime will come, such individuals can become despondent, grief and even panic. At the same time other representatives of mankind treat the estimated end of the life more calmly.

If you are overcome by fear of death, and thoughts of the inevitable end poison your present, try to change the attitude to the future and to correct own behavior.

Completeness of life

Those people who live on full are not afraid of death. It is important to derive pleasure from each lived day and even a moment, to realize own abilities and talents, to reach the desirable and to be with those people whom you love and whom you value.

Otherwise you join group of those people who do not live, and exist. They vegetate and spend own life on trifles. Such individuals rush about from one entertainment or pleasure to another, throw a way to the dream at the slightest obstacle and hesitate to apply for bigger that they already have. Expand the horizons, be not afraid to live and feel. And then you will have no feeling that life passes by, and the world did not open for you the best that in it is. Understand, the feeling in vain of the lived time leads to fear to die.

And those who do everything possible to enjoy life to the full treat future end of life more philosophically.

Death as dream

Some people are not afraid of death because they understand: when there comes death, they will not be any more, and are afraid of what is not present senselessly. This quite simple and logical statement and if to penetrate into it, fear of death recedes. When the person dies, he sinks into an eternal rest and does not feel either pain, or fear, or alarms any more.

You treat death as infinite rest and you will cease to be afraid of it.


There are people who carry to death more quietly about appearance at them of children and then grandchildren. They see continuation of in the offsprings and understand that they with approach of death of a part of their personality and soul will continue to live in descendants. Children and grandchildren take a lot of things from the mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers. Appearance, character, mind — all this is a combination of genes of ancestors. Therefore the person who has successors of a sort can overcome fear of death.

There is no fear

At last, there are such people who do not feel fear in general. They are not afraid of either height, or darkness, or diseases, nor even death. On the contrary, these individuals feel the need to be constantly in extreme situations. Such people in life lack adrenaline and fear is not conducted by it at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team