Why the baby cries after feeding

Why the baby cries after feeding

The baby can cry after a meal because of the acute pain caused by intestinal gripes. The milkwoman in a mouth - the fungus causing an itch and burning is also rather common cause. Besides, it is not necessary to exclude the crying connected with overeating or malnutrition of the child.

Intestinal gripes

Crying – the main weapon of the newborn by means of which he can inform parents on pain, hunger and discomfort. Since 3-month age the kids, in particular boys, become more whimsical that is connected with intestinal gripes. Most often they are shown in time or after a meal. The child suffering from painful feelings in a stomach, as a rule, wrinkles a forehead, knocks legs, narrows eyes and loudly shouts. To save the child from similar sufferings, parents have to keep without fail after each feeding the baby in vertical position while it does not srygnt excess air. Most often it gets into a stomach because of the wrong applying to a breast when the kid takes only a nipple, without areola. If the newborn is fed from a small bottle, it is necessary to take care of that the form of a pacifier was ideal for him beforehand.

The child overate or did not eat up

The baby can cry after a meal because not completely satisfied feeling of hunger. As a rule, it concerns newborns who are fed with mother's milk. In this case it is necessary to offer it other breast or to finish feeding the adapted children's mix. If process of a lactation is adjusted and milk stays in the necessary volume, it is necessary to make sure that it has sufficient fat content. For this purpose it is necessary to decant several drops and to look at their color – they should not have a bluish shade.

Parents who are convinced that the child eats exactly so much how many it is necessary for him in a root are not right. Especially it concerns children on artificial feeding. Excess food simply will not be digested and "will begin to ferment" in a stomach that will cause the painful feelings which are followed by crying. The baby has to have a high security of feeding – he has to eat certain the volume of milk or mix at the same time.

Inflammation of an oral cavity or middle ear

If during feeding the child behaves restlessly – spins, thrusts hands into a mouth and cries, it can be a signal of appearance of stomatitis or the milkwoman. These illnesses are followed by a white raid, reddening and swellings in language, gums and lips. The struck places itch and bake therefore the newborn is capricious, and at times at all refuses food. At an initial stage of a disease are treated by wiping of a mouth by the gauze tampon moistened in solution of Furacilin or broth of a camomile. The kid who during feeding systematically cries and fingers an ear has to get as soon as possible on reception to the doctor. Inflammation of a middle ear which causes the sharp unpleasant feelings amplifying during sucking can be the reason for that.

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