Why the backbone at pregnancy hurts

Why the backbone at pregnancy hurts

The period of incubation of the child for the woman very serious test. She not only feels the joy of expectation of appearance of future child, but also some discomfort. The woman's organism during pregnancy changes as the developing fruit influences a female body. At the same time toxicosis, nausea, heartburn and temperature change of a body is possible. The health of the pregnant woman depends on a condition of a backbone.

There can be also backbone pains as load of it increases. At the normal course of pregnancy the woman gains the insignificant weight which will be in normal limits. Increase in body weight more than 12 kg aggravates position of the woman as load of a backbone increases. Therefore at a large number of women (about 50%) the painful syndrome in a backbone at which pain is both in a waist and in a basin is shown.

Reasons of ""painful backbone""

Influences appearance of pains in a backbone:

  • way of life of the pregnant woman;
  • increase in lump of a body;
  • shift of the central point of weight of a body and increase in load of muscles of lumbar area;
  • change of physiological bends (the stomach is stuck out forward, and a back bend - back);
  • backs of a spine column swell;
  • shortage of vitamins B organism;
  • diseases of a musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, pathological curvatures of a spine column, underdevelopment of muscle bulk, presence of hernias).

During pregnancy hormone relaksin, influencing femoral and sacral joints is produced. Under the influence of hormone they relax, their mobility increases. Change of balance in a waist is resulted by change of a bearing that promotes appearance of pains.

During pregnancy the organism emits progesterone. This hormone promotes blood circulation improvement. Inflow of blood to vessels is formed that leads to formation of hypostasis in a zone of backs of a spinal cord of a backbone – it can be the cause of pains in a back.

During incubation of the child mother needs vitamins and minerals. The most part them is taken away by the developing child. At a lack of nutrients (including SA) violations in activity of a musculoskeletal system are possible.

Painful manifestations in a back can appear on early terms, and maybe after the 20th week. It depends on a way of life of the pregnant woman. Some pregnant women have backbone pains, as a rule, in the field of lumbar department, pregnancies (34-37 week) amplify last months. Excess weight of the mom can be the cause of appearance of pains in a back, as well as the fruit can put pressure upon a waist.

Just before the childbirth (36-37 week) the female body is preparing for patrimonial activity and can "hold a dress rehearsal" patrimonial process at which there are skhvatkoobrazny uterus pains with a characteristic painful syndrome in a back.

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