Why the child needs kindergarten

Why the child needs kindergarten

Most often at the age of about three years of children send to a garden. It is connected usually with mom's entry into work and, respectively, impossibility to sit further the house with the child. But some modern mothers have no such need, there is an opportunity and to continue to be engaged further in family and a household. In that case need for a garden at first sight disappears. But for some reason some mothers all the same send kids to a garden. And, despite the ambiguous relation of society to this question, such mothers are most often right.

The thing is that the child grows, develops, his requirements change. If up to three years the main people in his life are parents, then in three years he begins to realize himself as the individual. The child seeks to do all things independently. The help often at this age is perceived in bayonets. The kindergarten just satisfies this need for separation from parents and aspiration to independence.

Besides the maturing child needs role-playing games more and more. And it is the best of all to hold such games with peers. Companions on a game are simply necessary for the child. In the house to him it becomes close. And many mothers notice it. If in warm season it is quite possible to spend much time at the playground with other children, then there is no such opportunity in the winter. And then all energy which did not find a way out in a game pours out on parents. Most often parents of such stream do not maintain and begin to try to calm, "take in hand" the child. A result most often are the loosened nerves of mom and dad, offense and frustration of the child.

And visit of a garden removes a similar problem. The child splashes out all the irrepressible energy in active games with companions in kindergarten. If mom is at home, then short-term stay in group will be possible option. Besides in children's collective the child learns to communicate, find a common language with other children, to quarrel or be reconciled, convince someone or to accept others point of view. The character of the child undergoes changes or becomes tempered even more. The child in kindergarten learns joy of friendship and bitterness of offense. All this is an integral part of formation of the child as persons. Also parents should not deprive of the child of these events without the reasons, special on that.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team