Why women say that they have nothing to put on

Why women say that they have nothing to put on

The woman, as we know, has two "eternal" questions bringing into bewilderment of men: there is nothing to put on and there is no place to put things. It would seem, a situation absurd, nevertheless, many women really consider it a serious problem.

The fact is that the clothes play a different role in life of the woman and man. Most of men are inclined to use clothes objects according to especially utilitarian purpose: to protect from cold, to provide convenience of activity and when the situation of that demands, to perform representational functions, i.e. to signal about a certain social status of the owner of a suit. Of course, also exceptions meet, but they are not too frequent.

Ladies are inclined to consider clothes if not "second skin", then something, very close to it. The dress for them is an opportunity both to decorate and to express itself and to transfer the mood at present … yes will not list everything. And, of course, the woman imposes more strict requirements to clothes, than the man. Therefore there are situations when she suddenly "has nothing to put on".

Changes in a figure

It is, perhaps, the most clear occasion for men by which desire of the woman to replace clothes is explained. Really, sharply changed figure demands new vestments if, of course, the woman does not want to look ridiculously (and she seldom wants it). At the same time women have a set of the objective reasons leading to similar changes of appearance. It both pregnancy, and childbirth, and a figure, postroynevshy as a result of the strengthened work on. In all these cases the audit of a wardrobe and a campaign behind the next purchases is required.

Changes in the status

There are moments when the woman suddenly realizes that she cannot put on as before any more. It can be connected with the most various reasons. First, change of a kind of activity. So, the lady who worked several years at office suddenly leaves on "free bread" and understands that she does not need such quantity of clothes in official style any more. Naturally, she wants to change image and, respectively, clothes. Or the girl who married and became mom suddenly decides that the image of the naughty little girl which she preferred only few years ago is badly combined with her new status of the wife, mothers of family and the hostess of the house. She wishes to put on in a different way since former things do not correspond to its internal self-perception any more. Or the woman over the years realizes that she is already not so young, easy and romantic as she in youth, and wishes to get more "solid" and "quiet things".

Changes of mood

And absolutely unclear reason for most of men women's "to me nothing to put on" is a change of mood of the woman. Happens that the girl or more mature person tests scale of feelings, new, unexpected for it, and seeks to express it, having created an image, new, unusual and fresh for itself. She opens a case … and does not see the things in consonance to the state. They are absent: such as now, it never before was as now, she never felt! So, it is necessary to improve this situation urgently!

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