5 errors of girls at communication on dating sites

5 errors of girls at communication on dating sites

Now it is very popular to get acquainted on the Internet, there are special websites for acquaintances and communication. To turn the virtual communication into real, it is necessary to trace whether you make the following mistakes.


1. You place not those photos. If you upload to the websites photos in a miniskirt or in a swimsuit – it, certainly, will draw attention. However you will make an unnecessary impression. You should look less vulgarly and more modestly. Refuse the extended lips a duck, and just smile in the photo.

2. Waiting of the invitation to communication from the guy. Certainly, women want they to look after them. Therefore they stay hours waiting for the fact that the guy will write them the first. If you consider that after viewing a profile of the guy, he automatically will understand everything and will write to you, you are mistaken. The guy will also not think of it if you just viewed its page and nothing was written, then he will decide that it was not pleasant to you. Therefore you should not hesitate of the first to write "Hi".

3. You ignore bald and undersized. If you narrow too an acquaintance circle, then can miss the soulmate. Many actors, including known, below the girls therefore you should not ignore those people who are lower than you growth.

4. You hide the age. It can lead to awkward situations. If the person is pleasant and makes a declaration of love to you, then he will accept you at any age. You want you to be loved by such guy, to which all the same how many candles you light on the cake.

5. You remember the former relations. You destroy communication by the fact that in correspondence you mention the ex-boyfriends. Focus only on that person with whom you communicate. Believe, it is not interesting to guys to listen to any stories about your former boyfriends at all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team