5 main steps to earnings on the blog

5 main steps to earnings on the blog

Whether the truth that can earn from the blog everyone? No. The truth is that most of people lacks patience and organization to overcome the most difficult stage in blogging – the first days or months of its existence. Following this advice, you will be able to reduce promotion time to a minimum and to profit from the blog in the first weeks.

1. Meet on clothes

The blog should look good. You do not come to a business meeting in the torn clothes with patches? If you want to earn money on the blog, take care of good design. You cannot make — employ the specialist. The poor appearance of your resource can find some justifications, but it will not bring money.

Content should be really qualitative. Of blogs with "empty" rewriting on the Internet it is full, but popular are only those which are filled with author's content.

If you really want to convince audience that you the specialist, then your choice - stand-elon the blog. People at which is not present 150r in a year on the domain and are slightly one hosting more (now it is possible to find very cheap hosting), is not credible as the professional.

2. Gyulchatay, open a face

The most important page of your blog is called "About the Author". Readers most of all are interested in it. It does not mean that here it is necessary to state the biography in detail. It is necessary to remember the important and "clinging" facts from life: here it place.

Take care of the good photo. The cartoon characters of animated films, someone else's photos and landscapes from the Internet: they do not fit in your blog. The having and qualitative photo is as the first several seconds after acquaintance which form opinion on you at the interlocutor. Quite perhaps, you will not find the suitable photo in the archive. Go to the stylist and order a photoshoot from the professional photographer. The blog is a business project, and it is necessary to approach it with all responsibility.

3. Your mission

Why the blog — it is clear to you. You want to express and earn. And why your blog to readers? There are reasons for which they need to spend the time for reading your posts? What they? Define the mission and follow it. Forgive to ideologically inspired bloggers even grammatical errors!

4. Emotions

Your blog should cause emotions, but not what got, but strictly certain. There are emotions which are converted into money, and there are such with which it to make it will not turn out. Moaning, complaints, requests for something of readers: all this will not make profit. You should solve problems, but not add to readers of new.

5. Life and honesty

Endure what you write about. Pretense and deception will be noticeable at once. The reader will hardly begin to tell himself: "Here he, perhaps, invents that he quite so also feels", but the emotional background after reading of insincere posts will be such. To add life to posts, try to write to cafe, in the park on a grass, in an intermission in theater, on the plane or in the train. It is possible to write even in the subway or the bus! The main thing that from your text the energy of life, but not feeling of a duty proceeded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team