As it is not necessary to lift website TIC

As it is not necessary to lift website TIC

Raising of the thematic index of citing – one of key tasks of any webmaster, and it with an ulterior motive. Earnings of the owner of the website or the blog depend on TIC indicator many in. But many beginning webmasters face a problem: from where to increase TIC moreover it is free? And when they will come across offers to lift TIC free of charge on any website or the portal of services, they doubt: whether it is possible to make so? There are some ways allegedly raisings of TIC which actually will serve ill turn.


1. Banish the website according to directories and bulletin boards – both for a fee, and it is free (i.e. by own efforts). If you do it for a fee, you will lose money, and the hands – invaluable time. Yandex does not give big weight for a long time to similar links as directories and boards in his eyes look an ordinary dump. And who will give much for a thing (in this case, the link) from a dump? Besides reference explosion (i.e. emergence of a large number of links to a certain website for a short period) is considered by Yandex as attempt to artificially advance the website (that, however, indeed) and is punished by it in the form of imposing on such website of different filters, up to the ban.

2. Send spam in comments – spam never leads to anything good. I personally did not meet any webmaster who does not conduct with him uncompromising fight. So even if you found the good website with an opportunity to comment, nofollow which is not closed by tags, you do not hurry to scribble on it a set of comments, leaving in everyone the link. Write one intelligent comment, wait until it undergoes moderation (if moderation is), write the second, and only then you can put the link, and it is desirable a view: "And I here on a subject found one more website, everything is sensible is written".

3. Flood at forums is most too what to send spam on blogs and the websites. It is better to register, leave several intelligent and detailed comments and only then to put a "crushing" comment with the back link on your website. The main thing – you monitor that both the website, and a forum were thematic, differently it is not worth a pin for such link.

4. It is impossible to put massively links – i.e. it is impossible to initiate reference explosion (what is it, see above). And the way of emergence of reference explosion for Yandex does not matter at all.

5. Create network of sattelit or dorveev – Yandex, in principle, already learned to calculate such networks, and they have no former value. This type of gray optimization already becomes obsolete. If you decided to make the qualitative website for people (SDL – the website for people, one more slang word), then there is no sense to risk, resorting to such methods of promotion.

6. Resort to other methods of "black optimization" – to use links "invisible" to an eye of users, redirects, etc. Any deception as a result will be opened and will negatively affect your website. It is better to conduct Internet and business (as well as any other business) it is honest. And that the auditor and the investigator will come … That is filter and ban.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team