How to accelerate the ADSL modem

How to accelerate the ADSL modem

Use of the ADSL modem is one of the most widespread ways of connection to the Internet. There is enough provided speed, as a rule, not only for comfortable web surfing, but also fast loading of content, as well as listening of music, and viewing video online. For increase in speed you can use one of simple methods.


1. The simplest option is change of a data plan with more high-speed. In this case you should study offers of suppliers of service of access to network in your city for the purpose of identification of faster and cheap data plan. It makes sense to analyze all offers as the prices of identical data plans can differ at different suppliers.

2. For ensuring faster connection speed it is necessary to minimize the number of the programs working in the background and influencing free speed of the channel. Menezhder of loadings, a torrent clients, messengers and also applications downloading updates, as a rule, belong to them. Close as those programs that are on a task bar, and those which are in a tray. Check their shutdown by means of a task manager.

3. ADSL modem speed, as a rule, is sufficient for comfortable web surfing. If it not so, configure your browser. Turn off loading of pictures and also java and flash of applications. In extreme cases you can use the Opera mini browser. Its specifics are that the loaded page at first passes through the server where it contracts, and only after that are redirected on your computer. Initially this browser was intended for use on mobile phones therefore for work in it you will need the Java emulator installation.

4. When loading the file with use of a download manager set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to unit. Turn off restriction on speed if it costs, and give to the operating loading the highest precedence.

5. When using a torrent client select all files as downloaded, and which are in process of downloading and minimize return speed. Set the maximum quantity of at the same time loaded files equal to one then move on the first place that which is more priority. Lift a limit on loading speed if it costs then install the maximum priority for downloadings.

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