How to answer a question of an antispam

How to answer a question of an antispam

Having added new contact in an instant messenger, you found out that instead of the person you were answered by the automatic machine demanding to answer a simple question to make sure that you - not the robot sending spam. What to answer the automatic machine?


1. If you were asked to enter result of mathematical operation or to answer a simple question of a quiz, and make. For example, answer the question "How Many There Will Be 32+16" "48" (without quotes), and answer the question "The Animal with Four Paws, Eats Sour Cream, Purrs" "cat" (also without quotes).

2. If the automatic machine asks you to follow the link, to look at the drawing located there, and then to enter from it letters or digits, be careful. Make sure that according to the link - the image, but not the executable file is valid. If there is a program (both for the computer, and for phone), do not start it at all - it can be harmful. If there - indeed the picture, enter the combination of digits and letters located on it, and you will be authorized. Sometimes instead of the link the request appears such way is safer to read the letters and digits located on an avatar of the interlocutor - as it is not necessary to load files of unknown origin. In most of clients for increase in an avatar just it is necessary to bring to it a mouse arrow, without clicking anything.

3. If you receive a request for obtaining the access code to send the SMS to any given number, do not give in - at the person whom you wish to add to the contact list, not the antispam, but a virus works. Do not give in and if you receive a request to enter the phone number to receive the Sms and to specify the code specified in it - such service can also be paid. Warn the person about existence on its computer of a virus in a different way - by phone, e-mail. Let it will check the machine the antivirus software, will change the password, and then try to add it again.

4. Do not give in and if not you added someone to the contact list, and on the contrary, you were added by the unknown, and immediately asked to use SMS service, allegedly, for an unblocking. Most likely, it is precisely the spammer. The real antispam does not check the contacts added by its owner on own initiative.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team