How to block the website free of charge

How to block the website free of charge

On the Internet there is a set of ways of blocking of websites. Some of them help regular users to protect themselves from spam resources, and others allow parents to block the websites with harmful contents from the children. Once you learn, to make it easy and free.


1. Configure the list of the available websites in your web browser. To block certain resources, pass into the section "Internet Options" and its Tools menu. Select "Contents" and go to the Access restriction tab.

2. Include Content Advisor, having clicked the corresponding key and having entered the admin password. If you do not use the password, any user of the computer will be able to open settings of the browser and to unblock the websites. Content Advisor allows to use settings in four directions: the recommended settings, custom settings, the general tinctures and advanced security settings. Focus on the "recommended" and "advanced" settings to block the necessary websites.

3. Adjust the special slider of rating limiting the websites in such parameters as presence of an abusive language, nakedness, sex and violence. There are five the configured settings. They allow the browser to select automatically what websites are safe and what are not present. Click The Resolved Nodes tab to add the websites exceptions.

4. Configure settings of hosts. It will allow to strengthen protection in addition. Click "Start-up" and select "Execute". Enter the following command: C: \Windows \System32drivers \hosts.

5. Pass to the lower part of the opened window and find the line "". Key input and enter the website with undesirable contents. For example, to block VKontakte, you should enter "".

6. Add the additional websites to the list of blocked, changing on one digit in a host parameters before the website address. For example, the following website will be already behind a mask of "127.0.02". When you finish, save the file of settings and leave it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team