How to buy a disk on the Internet

How to buy a disk on the Internet

It seems, there is nothing more simply, than to buy a disk with the pleasant music, a game or the movie. However if you catastrophically do not have time for shopping or the next place where the required goods were found, is, at best, in the neighboring city, there is a sense to look for a disk in online store.

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - e-mail client;
  • - sum sufficient for payment of the order.


1. Having found the disk which interested you in several shops at once, compare the prices on these resources, payment methods, terms of implementation of the order and delivery terms. Select option which seems to you the most suitable. If the disk was found on a foreign Internet resource, check whether this shop sends the goods to your country.

2. Find on the website of shop and read instructions for execution of the order. Make out the order in that order which is described in the instruction.

3. If you are going to order a disk in online store which warehouse is located in your city, find phone for helps and make sure that the goods interesting you really are in a warehouse. Of course, information on the websites of similar shops is updated, but there is it not every minute and it can turn out that the disk necessary to you was already bought up.

4. Having selected an Internet resource, begin to collect the order. For this purpose click on the Buy or In a Basket button which is usually located under the description of goods. In some shops after click by this button the window with a form for registration opens though most often it occurs at execution of the order. Fill this form. If that is required by rules of a resource, wait for the e-mail message in which there is a link for registration confirmation. Click the link from this letter.

5. If you are going to order more than one disk, collect the orders in a basket and click the Continue Execution of the Order button. Select a way of delivery and payment from the available options.

6. When choosing express delivery specify the address to which you will be in working hours and fill the field of instructions for the courier. Specify a time frame during which you can be found to the specified address in them. If you live in the large city, describe a route from the nearest metro station. If you ordered delivery to the work address, specify the floor and number of room or office in the instruction. If in the building where you work, a throughput system, specify in what way the courier will be able to contact you.

7. Wait for the letter with number of your order. In some online stores delivering goods by mail it is required to confirm the order with the e-mail message. If it is necessary, send confirmation.

8. If you are going to pay for a disk in the cash card, after order confirmation select card type, enter its number and press the Pay button.

9. Do not delete the letter with the order number until deliver you purchase. You will be able to refer to this number at communication with the manager of shop and to find out the fate of the disk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team