How to change a name in mail

How to change a name in mail

Now almost everyone has e-mail, and delights of the normal letter on paper use very seldom though such letter and has the advantages and a certain romantic raid. But an elektronka as it is called for short, much more operational way of communication and it is not necessary to put almost any efforts to write and deliver the letter. Attributes of e-mail are such components as a name, the login and the password. All this is adjusted by the user, at his desire and opportunities.


1. The most frequent operation in this row is a change of a name in mail. For those who faced from this need for the first time will not prevent to understand the scheme of action in such situation. Consider that settings differ at the mailboxes registered on different domains. Let's consider the most known.

2. Mail on
So, in the top right part of the screen click with a mouse on the Setup button. Go to the Accounts and Import tab and click the link "change" which should be in the right part of the screen. In the appeared electronicmailsChange the Address window enter the new name and click ""Save changes"" for confirmation of change of a name or ""Canceling"" for saving an old name. Make sure that in the Accounts and Import tab the new name is specified correctly.

3. Mail on Rambler.
On Rambler the name (login) of a mailbox cannot be changed. The only thing that you can make, is completely to delete your old account and to register new with a new name.

4. Mail on
Find the Still panel at the top of the page. Open it and select the Biographical particulars tab from the appeared list. In this window you can change any data including a name (alias). After modification click "Save". Here all is also ready.

5. Mail on
Find the Passport tab in settings of mail, the Personal data window will open. Press the button "change personal data". Enter a new name and click to save. Then reboot mail.

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