How to change the city of weather

How to change the city of weather

Search Internet pages are usually submitted by a set of useful information that facilitates search by pages and saves time. Here you can learn the latest world news, exchange rates, the exact time and weather outside the window.


1. By default, the search page automatically determines the city in which you are, and shows you exact local time and air temperature, weather conditions and atmospheric pressure. However this information can sometimes get off and show you data of other city.

2. Or, on the contrary, there are situations when the user, gathering in a trip to other region or the country, wants to learn what weather will prevail in the place of arrival. In these cases it is necessary to change data on the location in settings of a weather forecast.

3. So, open your home page or any other search engine on which weather of your city is displayed. As a rule, only one window of weather – the present day with an actual temperature is provided to you at present. Click this window, and before you the expanded description of weather conditions for today and for the week ahead will open.

4. Over information on weather the city on which the page is configured is written. To change it, click "On the Card". Move the cursor on the card, holding clicked the left mouse button. "Clinging" to the card, select the settlement interesting you. Having brought the cursor to other city on the card, you will see how many in it now degrees and whether there is no rain. However this way is convenient only when the settlement is near the city gathered by default.

5. Over a window of the card there is a search string making queries on the card. Enter in it the name of the city interesting you and click "OK". The card will change the displayed coordinates and will show you the selected settlement. After that you will see weather of this city, visiting the home page on the Internet.

6. You can select the city from the list of the search engine, having pressed the Select the City button. Before you the list of settlements in alphabetical order will open. Click on any of them, and you will see the necessary weather.

7. It is possible to change the city of weather and in settings of the time zone. Open the search page and click for hours. Before you the list of time zones and the cities located in their lines will open. Click the city necessary to you, and it will be displayed in a weather forecast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team