How to check balance of the Internet

How to check balance of the Internet

Keep track of balance of the Internet not so simply as it seems, especially, if the system of payment which is not fixed, and depends on quantity of the consumed traffic. In this case, it is necessary to be interested in the account status almost daily.


1. If you use one of the rates providing unlimited use of the Internet for a certain monthly sum is usually at a time recharged on the necessary quantity of money and it is possible to remember control over balance of the Internet only once in a month, approximately in the same days of the month. All other rates assume more thorough maintaining balance of own account not to be left at the right time without Internet communication.

2. First, about it it is possible to worry in advance and initially when signing the contract on inernet-services to set parameters of the automatic message about reduction of the granted sum of money to the minimum level. Then data on need of the fastest account replenishment will be sent either to the e-mail address, or by means of SMS messages on the phone number specified when signing the contract. It is possible to connect function later, having got necessary advice on phone of support of your provider.

3. In the presence of phone, it is possible to call service center of subscribers and, having called the data, to learn about quantity of money on the account. Usually the company specifies number of communication for subscribers in the contract, besides, it will be written also on the website of Internet service provider.

4. Also good way to monitor the account is "personal account" of the user on the website of provider. To get to an office, it is necessary to enter the login and the password which, as a rule, are disclosed at the time of signing of the contract. In this section of the website all performed operations, the entered payments and balance will be reflected in the account.

5. If you are connected to the Internet by one of the leading Internet service providers, it is possible to check existence of means on the account by means of bank terminals, however such option is available not to all users.

6. Besides, it is possible to learn the balance just having visited office of your provider. Information on finding of the nearest office can be obtained or on the Internet on the website of provider, or by one of its phones. For obtaining information it is necessary to have at itself the document confirming your personality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team