How to close ICQ

How to close ICQ

Many users got used to close applications, clicking the cross located in the upper right corner of its active window. However this way will not be suitable for closing of such program as ICQ.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access, ICQ client.


1. Most of users to close ICQ, is clicked a cross which is in the right corner of the opened application. Let's note that similar actions do not ensure of a full stop of a program runtime but only clear its window a desktop. If you wish to close completely ICQ, you can use the following ways.

2. In an open window of the program click the Menu button. At the very bottom of the opened list you will see the option "Output", having clicked which, you stop work of ICQ on your computer. Is slightly higher than this option there is a possibility of an output from the current account. Having pressed this button, you will leave the account, however the program will work on the computer. Also full exit from ICQ can be executed, having clicked with the right mouse button a program icon on a task bar. In the opened menu click the option "Output", after that work of ICQ will be interrupted.

3. Quite often the work of ICQ should be completed compulsorily. To perform similar operation, click the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keyboard shortcut. The task manager will open. Click a tab of the application and select the ICQ icon. Press the Remove a Task button. Thus, the program runtime will be stopped.?

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