How to configure connection to the Stream

How to configure connection to the Stream

Connection to the Internet according to the ADSL standard allows not to stretch additional cables to the apartment, and at the same time not to occupy phone in operating time in network. Data transmission rate turns out slightly less, than on a dedicated line, but also rates are also small.


1. Connect an ADSL splitter input to a telephone line. To its low-frequency output connect all telephone sets connected in parallel, and to high-frequency - an ADSL router input. Attach the router cables to network interface cards of computers (their quantity can be from 1 to 4). Supply on the device and turn on it the button.

2. On all computers include the mode of automatic receiving the local IP address under the DHCP protocol. As to make it, depends on the operating system. After that on any of machines start any browser. Enter internal IP address into an address bar. The entry form of a user name and the password will be displayed.

3. Enter the account parameters set in the ADSL router by default: user name - admin, password - also admin. Before you there will be a router configuration screen.

4. Change the admin password for new, known only to you. If you use the DSL-2640B router, for this purpose select the Tools tab, and in it click the Admin key. Select admin user name from the dropdown list. Enter in a top margin the old password, and in average and lower - new. Then click Apply.

5. Go to the Home tab and click the WAN key. Then press the small Add button.

6. Switch the mode with Bridging to PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE). Click Next.

7. Take the subscriber contract and find in it the login and the password provided by provider. For access to the router they have no relation to the login and the password. Enter them in the respective fields. Click two time of Next, and then once on Apply.

8. Click Finish, and then - Logout. The tab of the browser will automatically be closed.

9. Switch off the ADSL router, wait several seconds, and then again turn on it. Soon the LED of DSL will start blinking, then the speed of its blinking will increase, and then it will begin to shine constantly. In several seconds Internet LED will join. From this point it is possible to begin to visit the sites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team