How to construct the drop shipping - business?

How to construct the drop shipping - business?

The increasing popularity is gained by such type of business as a drop shipping. It is a type of business activity which consists in selling of goods of vendor by the intermediary. At the same time the intermediary buys goods from vendor only after itself received payment of these goods from the client. There are main steps which will be required for start of the dropshipp-business.

It is required to you

  • For the organization of this business there is no need for rent of offices, warehouse, hiring of workers - you need the following:
  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Phone for call acceptance


1. Choice of goods

First of all you need goods which you will sell. Be not afraid of the competition. The competition – it is good, it means that the goods are demanded. It is not obligatory to take expensive goods – cheap goods are on sale more often. Select what is popular and what you understand. In process of selecting goods carry out monitoring of the prices and suppliers.

2. Creation of the selling website

It is necessary to create an Internet show-window for your goods further. It is not necessary to do complex and expensive online store. The odnostranichnik on your goods is enough to create. In network there are a lot of free services for creation of such websites. Find the website of the competitor which was pleasant to you and make something like it, having added what in your opinion is not enough at the competitor.

3. Advertizing campaign

Now it is necessary that learned as much as possible people about your goods. For this purpose it is necessary to conduct advertizing campaign. Advertizing materials which you will use should be as much as possible qualitative. Look at examples at your future competitors and make better them!

4. Key requests

By means of search engines or by means of special programs it is necessary to pick up key requests which correspond to subject of your goods. It is enough to pick up about 200 key requests.

5. Setup and start of advertizing campaign

Using Yandex.Direct create the advertizing campaign, using the picked-up advertizing materials and the list of keywords.

6. Selection of the supplier

After obtaining the first orders begin search of your supplier – you already carried out monitoring of the prices and suppliers at the first stage.

7. Implementation of orders

Obtain information from the customer on the delivery address, contact the supplier, tell him where it is necessary to send goods, receive payment from the customer and send it to the supplier, having kept profit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team