How to connect the home computer to the Internet

How to connect the home computer to the Internet

Today the computer which does not have Internet connection is perceived practically as useless. Therefore each owner, having got itself home the new electronic assistant, first of all thinks of in what way it is the best of all to connect it to the Internet. Think here is about what as today there is a lot of options of connection to a virtual area network and all from them have the advantages and shortcomings.


1. Perhaps, the most widespread way to connect the home computer to the Internet is to use a house local area network. In the large cities today the majority of apartment houses have the networks. In some even not one network, and a little, supported by different providers meets. For connection to them it is rather simple to sign the contract for service with the operator of the Internet and to carry out to the apartment a cable to the computer. Network interface cards are built in all models of computers today therefore it is not necessary to care for their acquisition already.

2. ADSL remains not less widespread technology of high-speed access still. The only restriction here – need of existence of the telephone line drawn to the apartment. If such technical capability exists, it is necessary only to buy the special ADSL modem and to sign the contract with provider. Advantage of this way is simplicity of connection (the modem is elementary connected to the computer and to the telephone socket) and the fact that between the user and provider there are no intermediate intermediaries like owners and administrators of a local area network. It considerably increases safety of the transmitted data.

3. By similar, but more modern method of connection to the Internet, broadband connection on cable television networks is. The digital broadband network has big safety in operation and provides high data transmission rate. The only minus of this option – need to have in the apartment connection at least to one cable channel of television without which Internet connection is technically impossible.

4. However in certain cases there is no opportunity to connect the home computer to the Internet by means of wire technologies. For example, in regions of new buildings or in country houses. Use of satellite digital television and the Internet or connection on Wi-fi technology to a wireless network can become an optimal solution in this case.

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