How to create the blog

How to create the blog

The blog is a powerful Internet tool for self-expression, communication with adherents or colleagues, the story about the events or thoughts interesting not only for their author. Besides, the blog is not only a way to have a good time, but also an opportunity to gain income, perhaps considerable.

1. Before creating the blog, think what you are ready to tell Internet audience about. Remember that the Internet — freedom space. How fast to the author of the blog the popularity at millions of readers can come, so quickly the audience can turn away and leave the resource which became uninteresting.

2. If the subject is selected, and there is a confidence in own competence and its pithiness for potential readers, so it was necessary only to create the blog.


If you still the beginner in this sphere, then for a start it is possible to stop on one of popular blog hostings, such as or Though a lack of such solution it is possible to call standard shape of the blog and standard functionality, but simplicity of registration and large audience of potential readers will become undoubted advantages. Besides, here long ago there is a lot of existing blogs which not only are interesting for reading, but also it is possible to use as an example, adopting experience of successful colleagues. At last, it is free.

If you consider yourself already experienced blogger, then the sense makes to create the blog on any hosting. As a rule, for creation of the blog in this case the popular WordPress engine which should be installed is used (however, sometimes the hosting provides already installed Wordpress). Advantages of such approach: own domain name allowing visitors is easy to remember the blog address, and to the author — to advance and advertize the creation and also big flexibility and a variety of the functions provided to WordPress to the author. Shortcomings — need to deal with much more complex management and to pay a hosting.

Let's notice that the main indicator of success of the blog — not beauty of design or a variety of the functions of the engine used by the author, but the number of readers. There are very successful blogs on free platforms, there are visited blogs on Plath a hosting. Success of the blog depends not on the platform, and on ability of the author to collect and hold audience. And it is reached first of all by texts, but not something another.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team