How to create the portal

How to create the portal

On the Internet set of the websites. Among such huge variety it is possible to select both the normal mini-websites, and the whole portals. Portals differ in the huge weight of content and broader functions. Portals can be as narrow subject, and for broad audience. It is hard to create the portal as they need a huge number of modules for managements. For this reason it is necessary to use CMS.

It is required to you

  • 1) Knowledge of HTML
  • 2) Knowledge of CSS
  • 3) Website engine
  • 4) Local server


1. First of all, it is necessary to decide on a subject and a profile of the portal. What functions will be available to users, a type of content, its weight. Different services, such as declaration board, a forum and acquaintances should be considered at once. After that it is necessary to make a choice of the engine of the website.

2. Each engine of the website has the features and functionality. For this reason for a start it is necessary to decide on services which are necessary to the website. Leaning on it, begin to select the engine. Today the choice of CMS is simply huge. Among them is free and paid. The most popular free engines are Joomla, PHP Fusion, Drupal, Wordpress. Having evaluated pluses and minuses of everyone, make the choice.

3. After that install the local server on the computer. Begin the CMS installation of a system on the computer. Now you can directly start creation of the website. Impose the portal and think over design. Remember that the design the portal should correspond to its subject.

4. Install necessary services and modules which are necessary for functioning of your website. For this purpose it is necessary to select and download modules in advance. Do not forget about the module of registration and a forum. They will allow users to communicate among themselves. After imposition and creation of design start filling of content.

5. The following step you need to get a hosting and the domain for your portal. Try not to select free services. Otherwise your website can disappear from open spaces of the Internet owing to unstable work of a free hosting. Download the portal to a hosting. In an address bar gather the address of your website (domain name) and pass on it. The portal is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team