How to create viki-article

How to create viki-article

"Wikipedia" – the popular Internet encyclopedia created by forces of readers. If you perfectly understand any subject and wish to share the knowledge with other Internet users, you can write article to Wicky.


1. Check whether article on a subject about which you want to tell the world is created already. By search of articles use synonyms, drive in faithful subjects into a search string. However, if just the same or related article was found, be not upset. You can add already existing, or, when writing the article, give the reference to found, as on more general or connected concept.

2. It is also possible that you should create the page redirection. This page is necessary when one concept has two or more names. It sends the user to the page with the necessary information, but itself is not displayed.

3. To write viki-article, type its name into search engine. After the system offers you notes where the combination of words entered by you meets, you will see on top the link "Create the Page". In brackets your name will be specified. Follow the specified link.

4. Before you the Editing tab where you should enter the text of your note will open.

5. Wicky article should begin with short introduction. If to you dawned on a thought of writing of article while you read information close on your subject, you remember that users of "Wikipedia" can get on your page from any place. Give the reader all necessary information independently.

6. It is necessary to highlight a keyword or the capital term in bold. Over all little-used words put down an accent. Also the accent should be put in words which the user can doubly read.

7. Periodically use the preview button to make sure whether all information is correctly displayed.

8. If you accept appearance of article and its contents, click "Write the Page" to save information entered by you. Now viki-article is saved on the server.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team