How to delete a news feed

How to delete a news feed

News feeds are used by users of resources of the Internet. The viruses which are in the browser often take their form, to delete such tape happens it is impossible in the normal ways.

It is required to you

  • - Dr.Web Cure IT or any other antivirus.


1. Emergence when opening the browser of a news feed to which you did not subscribe should draw your attention. It is quite possible that the home page loaded in your observer contains a news feed. In this case change its display in settings of the website if it is possible. If you have a normal news feed, unsubscribe from receiving all updates in it by means of the control menu.

2. If the news feed appearing when opening the browser comprises advertizing and has no relation to the home page, make sure that at you on the computer the antivirus software with versions of bases relevant at the moment is installed. As most likely it is the virus program. Usually they are harmless to files on the computer, but it is desirable to get rid of them at once at detection.

3. For this purpose start updates of your antivirus, execute full check of the computer and clean it from the found harmful elements. Here it is the best of all to use the Dr.Web Cure IT utility. The main thing that it is better than the others coped with search of similar viruses and malicious applications.

4. If when opening the browser there is a news feed preventing you to pass according to pages and to execute operations, complete the process which is responsible for its emergence in a task manager which is started by means of clicking of the Alt+Ctrl+Delete or Shift+Ctrl+Esc keyboard shortcut. Pass to a tab with the name "Processes" and complete a tree of the harmful started operations.

5. After that complete process of Explorer and open the editor of the register, having entered regedit into a window of the Execute utility. Use search of records by the register with the name of the malicious application or process, delete the found records then find files with such name on your computer, select them and click Shift+Delete. Update the antivirus software and completely check your computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team