How to delete personal data

How to delete personal data

For convenience of use of Internet resources your browser saves the different personal information entered when filling forms on pages of the websites. Gradually in it too many personal data of a different confidentiality level collect therefore there is a sense from time to time to perform operation of removal them from storages of the browser.


1. For removal of personal data in Mozilla FireFox open the section "Tools" in the menu and select the line "Delete Personal Data". This action it is possible to replace with clicking of hot "keys" of CTRL + SHIFT + Delete. In such a way you will open a window with transfer of types of the data stored by the browser. Giving or removing marks checkboxes it is possible to configure detailed settings of cleaning. For start of process click "Delete Now".

2. In the Opera browser for access to a similar window of the choice of settings of cleaning of personal data it is necessary to open the section "Setup" in the menu and to select the Delete Personal Data item. Here the list of installations is hidden by default. That to see them, it is necessary to click the link "Detailed Setup". The procedure of cleaning with clicking of the Delete button is started.

3. In the Internet Explorer browser open in the menu undressed "Service" and select the line "Internet Options". In the section "History of Viewing" of a window of properties click the Delete button to see a window with the list of different types of personal data. Here each of them can be deleted with the separate button, and also all is possible by means of the Delete Everything button at once.

4. In Google Chrome, having clicked the icon with a wrench and having passed into the section "Tools", select the line "Removal of Data on the Viewed Pages". Instead of all this it is possible just to click the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + DEL. The browser will provide you the choice of elements for removal. It is the only browser which can clean data for a certain time frame - you should specify it in the corresponding drop-down list. The procedure is started by clicking of the Delete Data on the Viewed Pages button.

5. In Safari Apple it is necessary to open click on the icon with the image of a gear the menu and to select in it the Setup item. In the opened window go to the Autocompletion tab, and there, clicking with the inscription "Editing", open windows of the relevant data and clean lists.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team