How to delete the e-mail

How to delete the e-mail

Removal of an electronic mailbox can be referred to that situation when the purpose does not justify means. Speaking without exaggeration, performing similar action is almost impossible. However there is one way which can help the user with achievement of this purpose.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. It is known that for any rule it is possible to find the exception. Though the majority of mail services do not provide a possibility of removal of a mailbox, there are also such resources where the similar option is provided. To learn whether it is possible to delete a mailbox with own forces, perform the following operations.

2. Be authorized on the website of a mail service then enter the mailbox. Find on the page the reference to the section of settings (usually it is designated, as "Settings") and pass on it. If you do not find an option of removal of a mailbox in this section, a similar opportunity means it is not provided by service. In such situation you should arrive as follows.

3. Copy the address of mail of support desk of a mail service then, pass to the page of writing of the new letter. The letter should be sent to support of service from that mailbox which you plan to delete. You need to reflect a request for removal of your account in the access, having motivated it.

4. As the mailbox is liquidated independently after long idle time, operators of support desk not always agree to meet requirements of the user. However if properly to ask, then your request can be granted. By default, self-liquidation of a mailbox happens in six-dvennadtsat months from the moment of your last visit of the account.

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