How to download movies from the Internet

How to download movies from the Internet

Now on many websites there is a possibility of downloading of the pleasant movies. Without leaving the house, it is possible to load both film industry new products, and the old movies which became already classics into the computer or the laptop.

It is required to you

  • - computer or laptop;
  • - Internet connection.


1. The websites of movies are divided into file hosting services and at what already directly there is a direct reference of downloading.

2. Some websites have no opportunity to keep rather large number of movies on the server. For this reason they contain only descriptions of movies and references to servers file hosting services. It is easy to recognize this system as it will send you to such websites as,,, etc. To download the pleasant movie, it is necessary to follow this link.

3. To download the interesting movie free of charge, it is necessary:

- click the link and in the opened window to select "Free" (free of charge);
- to select from the list of servers available to you and to click ""Download"" (to download);
- in the opened window of loading to click "Save" and select the folder on your computer where it is necessary to place the downloaded file;
- click "Save".

4. In communication in low the speed of downloading movies and, as a result, emergence of paid service on these websites, as an alternative it is possible to select the websites using the BitTorrent protocol for downloading. Torrent-trackers on the Internet enough. For example,,, etc. Loading of the interesting movies is carried out by means of the special uTorrent program.

5. Download the uTorrent program and install it on your personal computer. Open the program and specify necessary settings, such as, the place of saving files, actions for the end of loadings, a type of the interface, etc.

6. To download the pleasant movie, it is necessary to do the following operations:

- come into a window of characteristics of the movie and click "Download";
- in the opened window select "Use the client by default" (i.e. Torrent) and click "Save", having selected the folder for saving the file;
- in the opened window information on the course of loading will be displayed and the file will be loaded into the specified folder.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team