How to enter the new password

How to enter the new password

If a certain resource on the Internet provides registration of visitors, it also should provide a possibility of change of the password for the registered users. Despite abundance of versatile types of the websites, process of change of the password on each of them it is carried out identically. The user needs to know the old password only.

It is required to you

  • Computer, Internet access.


1. Authorization on the project. Open the website on which you wish to change the password of access to the account. Be authorized on it, having entered the password and a user name into the corresponding form. As soon as you appear on a resource under the login, you can start the procedure of change of the password.

2. If the project provides such service as a personal account of the user (forums, social networks, etc.), you can set the new password in this section. If personal office of the user is not provided by service (mail services and other types of resources), change of the password is carried out in the section of settings.

3. Change of the password through a personal account. Having entered a personal account on a resource (user profile), you need to find in it the reference "Change the Password". Having followed this link, you will be able to assign the new access code.

4. Change of the password through account settings. To change the password in this way, you need to follow the link "Setup". Find a link in the opened window "Safety", or "Access to the account" and click it. Here you will be able to enter the new password for the account.

5. Changing the access code to the account, try to avoid simple combinations in the password. Do the code more difficult. For this purpose use in it digits and also letters of the different register. Initially you should think up the password and write it on paper. Only after that rewrite a combination to the respective fields on service. For confirmation of change of the password you will also need to specify the old access code. After the new code is defined, save parameters, having pressed the corresponding button on the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team