How to find the colleague

How to find the colleague

Social networks were strongly included into our life. With their help we can find the friends, schoolmates, colleagues and even those with whom passed military service. On search some time can leave, and can be it will be possible to find the colleague in several minutes.


1. On the Internet there is yet no separate database which could be used for search serving in armed forces, however there are several enough large resources where it is possible to look for.

2. First of all, it is worth trying the website known to much. This the social network, oldest in RuNet, stopped being the place for a meeting of school friends for a long time, and integrates as well students, fellow workers and colleagues. Register to begin search, specify the military unit in biographical particulars and your colleagues registered on the website will be available to you.

3. If you did not find those who were looked for on "Schoolmates", try to register on the website where questionnaires of more than 250,000 people are collected. Perhaps, it is the social network of colleagues largest today. After registration you will be able easily to find the military unit, to look at questionnaires of colleagues and to write them the message. For convenience on the website there is a search by the nature of troops, to the city, number of military unit, a surname and name of the person.

4. Well, and if your search was not crowned with success, look for the colleagues on other resources on the Internet, for example (differs from the above-mentioned website in single letters in the name and is an independent resource),,, and

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team