How to freeze the account

If your page in any of social networks was cracked or you just do not want to use more it, you have an opportunity to delete it together with all records and photos. Also you will be able to restore the account again for some time after deactivation.

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1. Come into "My settings" on the page of the website In the lower part of the opened window you will see the line "Delete the Page". Click it, your account will be deleted. developers give an opportunity to restore the account and all its contents at any time. This opportunity works approximately within 6 months after blocking of the page.

2. Select option of removal of the page from the website Developers of the website provide their two: with an opportunity to return also without it. To delete the page with an opportunity to return, open the account, "Account settings". On the opened page below select "Deactivate the account", "Delete". Select the reason of leaving the offered options. Click "Confirm".

3. Point the password from the account to and enter the offered validation code. Click "Send". These are necessary precautionary measures which are undertaken by developers of the website to protect accounts of users from cracking.

4. Change the status of your LiveJournal with "is active" on "is deleted". It is possible to make it in a tab "Management". Click to save. The log with all its records and comments on it will be blocked. Developers give month on restoring the log. If after this term the user does not activate the log, that will be permanently deleted.

5. Delete all records made by you in livejournal communities and the comments left in other logs. For this purpose on the Status of the Account page put ticks in the necessary fields. Click "Save".

6. Delete the page on the website For this purpose come into a profile. In the provided list of possible changes select "Delete a profile". Click this line. You will be asked to enter the password from your page. Make it, click Apprx. the Page it will be deleted at once.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team