"How to gather the dog icon"

"How to gather the dog icon"

E-mail - one of ways of business and personal contact. To send the letter to other end of the world, it is necessary to know only the postal address in network where between a name of the recipient and the domain of its e-mail it is necessary to gather the dog icon.

It is required to you

  • - keyboard;
  • - mouse;
  • - document.


1. Transfer the computer to the English keyboard layout. For this purpose click Alt key shortcut + Shift at the left. Also you can change language manually. On the panel in the lower right corner the current input language is highlighted. Guide at it the cursor, click the left mouse button and in the emerged menu select EN – English.

2. If did not find English in the menu, so you need to install it. Click Start-up> the Control panel> Language and regional standards. In the opened window select the Language tab and the keyboard> to Change the keyboard> to Add. Click on "+" about the inscription "English (USA)". Put a checkbox opposite to USA (most top line). Confirm the choice with the OK button.

3. The modern language was displayed in a window "Installed services". Here it is possible to enable switching of language of the keyboard, convenient for you. Having performed all necessary operations, confirm the choice with the OK key.

4. Open the document in which it is necessary to gather the dog icon. Having translated the keyboard into English, click and hold the left Shift, having at the same time keyed with digit 2. In the right place the icon "" @ will be displayed"".

5. You can gather this icon and from the table of characters. That to open it, execute: Start-up> All programs> Standard> Office> Table of characters. In the deployed window on the panel select a font in what you want to see the written icon. Click on "" @"", it should be displayed in a window "For copying". Confirm the choice, having clicked "Copy".

6. To display the dog icon received by a copying method, install the cursor to the necessary place in the document. Open with the right mouse button the menu, select in it "Insert". The character will appear in the place necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team