How to get access to Avito

How to get access to Avito

Avito is one of the services, most popular in Russia, for purchase and sale of things, services and the real estate. To browse declarations, registration on the website is not required. But it is necessary if you want to sell something.

Normal registration

Creation of a personal account of the user on Avito is free. An algorithm of actions such is. On the website you click "Input and Registration". The system will transfer to the special page. There it will be required to enter the following data:

  • Who you are are an individual or the representative of the company.
  • E-mail address.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • The password which is thought up by you. For it it is possible to use from six to 70 signs. It is necessary to apply Latin letters, digits and special characters ("asterisk", a percent sign, etc.) to increase in safety
  • I smoke - the given combination of digits and letters. So you prove that you are not a robot.
  • You leave or remove "tick" opposite to the Get News and Special Offers of Avito field ("tick" costs by default).

After that it is necessary to click "Register".

Further the system will ask to confirm your contact information. On the phone number specified by you will send the SMS code. It should be entered on Avito at once.

On "elektronka" the letter will come with the link which it is necessary to click. Thus your e-mail will be confirmed. It is not obligatory to undergo this procedure at once, the link works 30 days.

Having passed to Avito again, you will get to a newly created personal account. Everything, you can create and place the declarations.

Registration through social network

At registration you can tie the LX to the account in one of popular social networks. For this purpose in the course of creation of the account it is necessary to click an icon of social network necessary to you. You enter the password from this network - and at once you get to a personal account on Avito. Further you will easily enter on Avito through the selected social network.

At such path of registration it will be necessary to confirm number of the mobile phone and e-mail too. Select when it is more convenient to you to make it: immediately or at placement of the first declaration.

Possibilities of a personal account

The personal account on Avito allows the user to make such actions:

  • Submit declarations, edit and remove them from the publication.
  • Trace a status of the account if you use paid services of the website.
  • Make changes to contact information if you moved or replaced the phone number. It is also possible to add phone numbers.
  • Configure access to the website through the account in one of popular social networks if it was not made at registration.
  • Change the password.
  • Configure mailing of notifications which the website throws on mail of the registered users.

 To the Avito companies opens an opportunity to create the online store.

On Avito it is possible to create several accounts. But they should be used for sale of goods of different categories. If you begin to sell the same from different "accounts", then one of them can just be blocked. Attentively look through rules of the website not to get into similar situations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team