How to hide the password

How to hide the password

If you visit any website on which you are registered, and see that fields for password entry and the login are filled, so that your browser remembered and saved information from the previous sessions. By means of the built-in password manager it is possible to delete the login and the password in any browser.


1. If you use Internet Explorer, then double click in the field for input of the login for authorization on the website. In the list which will appear there can be several logins. To select among them necessary, use keys of navigation (up and down arrow). Key then "Delete", and the specified login together with the password will be erased.

2. The Mozilla Firefox browser on the page of authorization does not require presence of the user. In the top menu open the section under the name "Tools", then select the line "Setup". The separate window will appear, go in it to the Protection tab and click on the Saved Passwords button. Select in a window with the list of the websites that which needs to be removed, and click on "Delete".

3. If you use the Opera browser, then for removal of the password in the menu open the section "Setup", select a line under the name "Delete Personal Data". Click on "Detailed setup" to deploy the complete list of settings of this operation. Further click "Password management". Find necessary in the list of the websites and click its line to see sublines (they can contain different other logins). Select necessary and click on the inscription "Delete".

4. If you need to delete the login and the password in the Google Chrome browser, open its main menu and click the line "Parameters". Click on the link under the name "Personal Materials" on the opened page of settings and click on "Management of the saved passwords", for opening of the following page – "Passwords". At guidance of the cursor of a mouse on every line in it the cross in the list of the websites and logins appears. Click on such cross for removal of the necessary login with the password.

5. Open in the menu the section "Editing" in the Safari Apple browser and select item under the name "Setup". Then select the Autocompletion tab in which click on "Editing" at the Names and Passwords of Users point. Select a necessary line in a window with the list of logins and the websites and click on the inscription "Delete".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team