How to increase the speed of port of the modem

How to increase the speed of port of the modem

At net surfing the major factor is loading speed. The safest method which is not requiring a modem refirmware is the maximum optimization of the processes using the Internet at present of time.


1. If an objective is the fastest web surfing, configure the browser, having turned off loading of such elements as pictures and flash of the application. Use this method if they are not necessary to you at the moment time. Besides, configure the computer, using the following step.

2. The crucial importance for the speed of loading renders the number of the programs using connection to network at the moment of time and therefore their quantity should be minimum. Disconnect such applications as download managers, torrents, the web browser and messender. and similar it needs to disconnect such programs as a torrent client even in the absence of active loadings as on already loaded files there is a distribution that can reduce the greatest possible speed of the Internet. Start a task manager and check shutdown of programs. Also, temporarily disconnect applications which can download updates or turn off in them function of search and automatic loading.

3. When downloading by means of a torrent take the second step into account then configure the application. Come into settings and set the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to unit that will allow the most priority loading to use as much as possible operating Internet connection. Select all loaded and loaded files then right-click on them and set speed limit for return in 1 kb / page. After that install the maximum priority for the operating loading.

4. When using a download manager install for it the highest precedence then expose the maximum number of simultaneous loadings equal to one. Follow the recommendations stated in the second step. Before completion of loading do not start the browser or other applications anyway involving connection with network.

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