How to insert the link into the browser

How to insert the link into the browser

The addresses of useful or just interesting pages on the Internet are transmitted from one user to another through links. Usually to open the received link in the browser, it is enough to click it with the pointer of a mouse - the majority of modern programs are able to make references in the text "clickable", i.e. to display them in the hypertext format. However cases when it is necessary to transfer independently the link to the browser, arise sometimes too.


1. The web address of the necessary resource can be gathered directly in the browser, but if there is an opportunity to copy it in the primary source - make it to exclude an error and to accelerate operation. For this purpose select the link and place it in a clipboard - click Ctrl key shortcut + C.

2. Switch in a window of the browser and create a new tab for loading of the page - click on a plus to the right of the existing tabs or click Ctrl key shortcut + T. However, the page which the link indicates can be opened also in already existing tab.

3. Insert the copied link into an address bar - the strip in the top part of a window containing URL of the loaded page. If you created a new tab, just click "hot keys" Ctrl + V, and for loading in already existing previously once click an address bar with the left mouse button.

4. Click Enter, and the page which the link indicates, it will be loaded into this tab.

5. If you want to place the link in a browser window for a long time, use the list of favorites or the panel of links. In the first case make everything as it is described in the previous steps, and then click Ctrl key shortcut + D. Next time you will be able to find the reference to this page transferred to the browser in favorites.

6. For placement of the URL page on the panel of links guide the pointer of the cursor at an icon at the left edge of an address bar and for this icon drag it on the bookmarks bar. If this panel is not displayed in the interface, turn on it in settings of the browser.

7. In modern Internet observers there is one more opportunity to place the link "on long storage" - add it to the express panel. Usually it appears during creation of a new tab or opening of an empty window of the browser and contains the table with pictures links on the web pages which are most often visited by the user.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team