How to insert the picture on the website by means of html

How to insert the picture on the website by means of html

Articles on the Internet seem dry and incomplete if the text is not diluted with additional media means. The most plain and available decoration of the blog posting or on the website – the picture illustration. Its publication is possible when using special tags.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - picture.


1. There is an opinion that the direct publication of the images which are stored on the computer is possible. It is an error: if your computer is not round the clock working server, the picture will not be displayed in the message.

2. Load the picture into special storage, it seems or It is important that the file was available for viewing and there was always online. Open the image on the page of the final website and copy the address from the corresponding line.

3. Begin to create the message in the HTML mode. Insert the following tags: <img src= "" the picture address in network "">. To the place of the admission insert the copied address of the graphic file.

4. Check correctness of an insert in a print preview mode. The file should be displayed in a window in an initial size. If there is no picture, check the accuracy of the entered address.

5. If you loaded the big picture and want to display it in scale, correct tags. After a final quote insert the width tag = or height=, and the size after that wished in pixels. For example: <img src= "" address of your picture"" width=500 height=800"">. In that case the vertically oriented picture with height of 800 pixels will turn out.

6. At design by the following tags the size is not regulated, but the frame around the picture appears: <img src= "" ""style= """ border: 5px solid red;"">. Color of a frame red, thickness is 5 pixels. Change the corresponding parameters to achieve necessary flowers and the sizes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team