How to learn modem speed

How to learn modem speed

Modem speed and also connection speed will depend on numerous factors, namely on provider, quality of the drawn line, connection type, etc. Now there was an opportunity to load data from network of the Internet, without tearing off phone conversation. Speed of the modem can be determined by means of special online tests.

It is required to you

  • PC, Internet, browser, website


1. At the moment time there are such websites which were created on the basis of technology of testing. Often the testing projects give the chance to execute a huge number of checks. You will be able to learn the connection speed, the ip given about the software installed on the PC. There are also testing websites which can create accounts. By means of such such services you can monitor continuous changes of connection speed.

2. The principle of work of tests which determine modem speed – measurement of speed of the Internet during transmission of the test file. Often this file is the document which has a size less than 2 Mb. For example, the resource works with small files. The resource a little in what differs from the previous website. To calculate connection speed it is necessary to select the place, that is the city for which the corresponding calculation will be made.

3. After clicking the check start-up button was made, it will be possible to see actual connection speed. It is also possible to meet the unknown concept ping. Ping – an important indicator which shows all statistics. The value of a ping is how less, the resource or a page will respond so quicker when clicking the link.

4. Many models of ADSL modems give the chance to download data from network with speed of 2-4 Mbit. If it is necessary to receive high speed, it is necessary to contact provider with desire of increase in speed by means of replacement of a data plan.

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