How to limit the speed of the Internet

How to limit the speed of the Internet

Internet users can sometimes feel discomfort when some family members use it for entertainments, and others - for work. Nevertheless, you can use restriction of throughput of connection to make sure that you will be able quietly to be engaged in affairs, without worrying about insufficient quantity of traffic.

It is required to you

  • - Computer with Internet access;
  • - Traffic Shaper XP application;
  • - NetLimiter application.


1. Download on website application Traffic Shaper XP. Double click according to the file of the TrafficShaperXpSetup.exe installation upon completion of loading. Click "Further" and follow installation instructions of the software.

2. Click "Is ready" when installation process is complete. Open Traffic Shaper XP, the window with the heading "Welcome to a Setup Wizard of Network" will appear. Click "Further".

3. Use the Downloading Speed and Loading Speed menu to determine the speed of connection to the Internet (in kilobits per second). Here you can select also already predetermined values and specify your speed manually. Click "Further".

4. Select network connection for which you want to limit speed. In most cases it is necessary to select "Connection on a local area network". Click "Further" and the button "Is ready" to save settings.

5. Download the NetLimiter application on the website Unlike other similar utilities which are free NetLimiter 2 Lite represents the free fact-finding version. After the 28-day trial period you will need to acquire this software for further use.

6. Double click according to the file of the nl_2011_lite.exe installation. Click "Further", follow installation instructions of the software, and then reboot at emergence of the corresponding request. After reset of the computer the NetLimiter icon will appear in a system tray.

7. Click on the NetLimiter icon, and then click "Open". Come into the revealed menu and enter connection speed sensing type. For example, if you want to limit connection to 1 megabit per second, select "Mbit".

8. Place the cursor in the field "Downloading Speed". Erase the displayed number and enter the desirable speed of work of the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team