How to make a brick in Maynkrafta

How to make a brick in Maynkrafta

The game "Maynkraft" mostly consists in construction and receiving different elements. It is possible to see constructions from any materials, but there are blocks necessary for construction. Such block is also the brick. It is possible to meet a set of the houses built on the basis of this element, and they practically always look perfectly. But to get a brick very difficult and then before players there is a question how to make a brick in Maynkrafta.

Minecraft-brick. What types of blocks happen

Undoubted plus of application of bricks in construction is their durability. They are suitable for construction of protective fortifications, houses and locks and also for creation of fireplaces. In early versions of a game the brick looked as the red block, but with a release of Maynkraft version 1.7 the block gained texture of the real bricklaying. Depending on a type of the block also color changes. 

In total in the game "Maynkraft" it is possible to see the following types of bricks:

  • stone;
  • clay;

Stone brick in "Maynkraft"

In the game "Maynkraft" this brick can be met in different subspecies:

  • normal;
  • mossy;
  • carved;

The stone brick can be got also on open spaces of the game "Maynkraft". The carved subspecies of a stone brick can be found in locks or in the jungle. Also in locks it is possible to meet a mossy stone brick and carved. And normal it is possible to receive by craft.

To make stone bricks in Maynkrafta, obozhenny stones will be necessary. In total 4 blocks will be necessary. That the brick became mossy, it is necessary to add a liana during craft. 

It is possible to make a carved stone brick only having Maynkraft version 1.8 above. The recipe of craft is simple: only 2 plates of stone bricks are necessary.

The cracked stone brick can also be made only in new Maynkraft versions. For creation of such brick it is required to bake where it is necessary to fry a stone brick.

How to make a brick in Maynkrafta of clay

For a start it is necessary to extract clay. It is dug out by a shovel. There is a clay in water locations, such as swamps and oceans. So before production it is necessary to prepare the arsenal: the underwater vessel or a potion giving the chance to breathe under water. The brick turns out from roasting in the clay furnace. And the clay brick block can be made by craft of 4 bricks.

How to make a brick in Maynkrafta of an infernal stone

It is possible to skraftit the infernal block as well as the stone brick block, with only that difference that the infernal stone will serve as material. It can be found, having only gone down via the portal to the lower world. There it is necessary to look for ruins of fortresses which were made of an infernal stone. From the infernal block it is possible to create steps, fences and plates. The feature of an infernal brick consists in its ability to burn some time. For this reason it can be used as a fire. Use of this material for burning of fire in a fireplace is also possible. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team