How to make a cap for the website

How to make a cap for the website

The cap of any website is his "person", the largest and noticeable element of design of the website. If the cap of the website is made memorable and unique, then other elements of design — fonts, buttons and other — can be quite taken from any standard scheme, the design of the website will reflect all the same his identity.

 And it is not difficult to make a cap for the website by means of the graphics editor, for example, of Adobe Photoshop at all (a free alternative is Gimp popular among supporters of Linux).

  • First, create a canvas of the corresponding sizes. Width of a canvas should correspond to width of pages of the website, and height can be selected on the discretion. Remember that too tight cap will be insufficiently expressive, and too wide will not leave the place for informative information on pages.
  • Decide on a color gamma of design of your website. The cap should correspond to it.
  • Fill in a background. It is possible to use continuous tone or a gradient. Remember that the background should not be too bright, otherwise other objects on it will be lost.
  • Place any graphic form which will emphasize the objects located in the central part. It can be the frame fragment taking one or two part of a rectangle of a cap. It is possible to make it of the separate small objects concerning a website subject, for example, of flowers, children's toys or office supplies.
  • Place central objects of a cap. It can be the stylized name of the website which can be added with a slogan from several words or additional accurate and expressive graphic objects.
  • In addition select central objects, using, for example, effects of a shadow or mirroring. It will allow to receive result rather attractive visually without manipulations, difficult for the nonprofessional.
  • Complete the work, having added the name of paragraphs of the main menu.
  • By means of ImageReady which is included in the package of delivery of Photoshop you will be able to break the image into sections for creation of links to sections of the website.

As you can see, to make a cap for the website rather simply and it can do even to the nonprofessional. If you need by all means professional design — order it from the designer on one of the websites where it is possible to agree with the freelancer, for example, The cost of such service can be rather modest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team