How to make the laptop access point

How to make the laptop access point

It is rather simple to connect the laptop to a wireless network. But not many know that this device can be used as wireless access point. The main thing is able it is correct to configure a configuration of networks.


1. Let's talk about laptop opportunities a little. Minus of Wi-fi of the adapters which are built in these devices that they can unite only to one equipment. I.e. at once the output arises: create the full-fledged access point similar to Wi-fi channel of the router it will not turn out in any way. The only thing that can be made is to buy the additional adapter of a wireless network with USB port which supports the SoftAP mode.

2. Let's review the following example: you on hand have a laptop connected to the Internet through a cable, and the second laptop or mobile phone. Purpose: get Internet access from the second device.

3. It becomes rather simply. Open a Network and Sharing Center. Pass into the Management of Wireless Networks menu. Click "Add". Select the second option: creation of computer-computer network.

4. Enter a name of network, specify type of data encryption and the password for connection. Install a tick opposite to the Save Network Settings point. Press Next for completion of setup of network. Open settings of connection with the Internet. Pass to the General point. Allow internet connection sharing for a wireless network.

5. Turn on the laptop or the cell phone and activate search of wireless networks. Be connected to the network created by you, having entered for this purpose the password. Most likely, for gaining access to the Internet from the mobile phone, you will need to activate the DHCP function. The type of the data transfer protocol is in this situation better to select WEP because not all phone models support WPA and WPA2 protocols.

6. For gaining access to the Internet from the second laptop, open settings of the TCP/IP protocol of a wireless network. Into the Main Gateway and Preferred DNS Server fields enter the IP address of the first device.

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