How to play at the Internet exchange

How to play at the Internet exchange

Game at the Internet exchange – not only one of the most highly profitable, but also the most high risk actions. Before beginning to bathe in waves of falling and rises of actions and exchange rates, it is necessary to gain basic knowledge in the sphere of management of finance. Stock market game is, first of all, a management of your finance.

It is required to you

  • Knowledge of technical and fundamental analyses, Internet, funds.


1. The first is also insistent the recommendation – to study bases of fundamental and technical analyses. Hundreds and thousands of volumes of literature written by sharks of exchange business are devoted to these methods of forecasting. This literature is available both in specialized departments of bookstores, and on the Internet, for example: "Bases of fundamental and technical analysis".
Push to exchange fluctuations are news, both positive, and negative. Depending on "force" of their influence on stockbrokers, trends, i.e. the directions of the movement of the market appear and develop: falling or take-off. For example, if in a news feed the message about an earthquake in Mongolia appears, then hardly it will have significant effect on the market. But if the U.S. Department of Labor publishes the report that in the country the unemployment increased – it steadily will lead to falling of dollar exchange rate. Why? On this and many other questions fundamental analysis gives answers. In other words, this type of the analysis allows to predict behavior of the market, relying on information and events which really affect behavior of the exchange.

The technical analysis is dozens of mathematical formulas which calling is to describe events and news mathematical language. Here you should not operate with gigabytes of information and meters of news feeds. In the technical analysis all information is provided in several diagrams supplied with markers and other "hints". That is, the behavior and the direction of diagrams on the screen will help you to make the decision on work with any given couple of currencies or the equity stake.

2. On the Internet are available for carrying out operations the foreign exchange and stock market. The foreign exchange market (FOREX) is most perspective for those who prefer to trade and get actively profit during the day since the currency is more mobile and dynamic, than, for example, actions. During the day you can perform ten operations and by the end of day to find on the account real profit (or a loss if your solutions were incorrect). In order to avoid unjustified risks it is recommended to complete not only a course at experienced dealers, but also 2-3 months to play on demo accounts, i.e. in a real mode of time, but without financial expenses. As soon as your statistics becomes steady and positive, can start a real game. The stock market (RTS) is less subject to daily fluctuations (except for force majeure) since on it, first of all, the medium term of generation of profit – is considered from 3 to 36 months. Of course, daily fluctuations of actions are present, but in this market it is necessary to evaluate the prospects of development of the whole industries: fuel and energy complex, power industry, metallurgy, etc. It is clear, that the current news will not be able to deploy a trend of the whole industry in one day therefore the behavior of the stock market is more predictable, more steadily, respectively, operations are less risky.

3. If you felt confident in yourself, sufficient for stock market game and I am eager for a profit, flavored with a risk chill, can start operations. For work in the foreign exchange market you should open the currency account, to transfer money (min of $300), to download necessary programs to the computer and to open the account. As soon as money arrives into the account (1-2 working days), can begin a game.
You should perform similar operations to start work in the stock market. An essential difference – in the cost of "the input ticket". In the stock market, to start operations with the equity stake, at least several thousands of dollars can be required. Before selecting actions, surely consult with the dealer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team