As it is correct to do exercise the vacuum

As it is correct to do exercise the vacuum

The hated layer of the fat on the stomach meets at most of women. The stomach vacuum is considered one of the most popular and effective exercises. But to make it from the first attempt, without having studied the technique, it is impossible practically to anybody. That there was the result important to understand how it is correct to do exercise the vacuum.

Than exercise the vacuum for the stomach is useful?

Very often sets of exercises on type ""how to receive the narrow waist in 10 minutes a day"" don't result in obviously expressed results. For a long time it was studied and proved that only the balanced food with moderate deficiency of calories can help with disposal of fat. If to go on diets, then the organism will begin to grow thin not at the expense of excess fat, and at the price of own muscles. As a result the quality of the body won't cause satisfaction. 

Active pumping of the press will also not give the waist. Even the boomerang effect is in certain cases possible. Due to muscle gain the waist can become visually more. 

But there is the special exercise which is known already long ago. It is the stomach vacuum. This exercise was actively used still by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The vacuum came to trainings from yoga. It actively helps to reduce the waist and to achieve ideally flat stomach. If to read reviews of exercise the vacuum, then it is possible to define that for the shortest time it is possible to remove about 3 cm.

The feature of exercise is that at usual classical exercises on the press, only the direct muscle of the stomach is involved in the basic. The vacuum allows to study the cross muscle thanks to which there is the ability to hold the stomach.

It is also possible to call the cross muscle of the stomach the peculiar belt allowing to narrow visually the waist. Besides at constant performance of exercise it is possible to notice how dorsodynias decrease.

But there are also contraindications for exercise performance the vacuum:

  • Periods period.
  • Postoperative period.
  • Stomach ulcer.

If exercise causes severe pains, it is worth stopping occupations and to see the doctor.

What exercise performance options the vacuum exist

In practice only 4 starting positions for exercise performance the vacuum are known:

  • Lying on the back with the turned-in or straight legs.
  • Being on all fours.

It is better for beginners to choose any situation except the first. It being necessary to execute the stomach vacuum it is considered most difficult.

Technology of performance of exercise the vacuum for the stomach

Irrespective of the postural pose exercise performance the vacuum consists in 6 stages:

  • After acceptance of the home position it is necessary to inhale the maximum quantity of oxygen through the nasal courses.
  • By means of the sharp air outlet through the mouth it is necessary to exempt lungs from oxygen as much as possible.
  • During exhalation of air it is necessary as it is possible to tuck the stomach in stronger. For this purpose it is possible to present what is wantedwhat is wanted to press the navel to the backbone.
  • Air can't be inhaled for 15 sec. If at the beginning of practice of exercise the vacuum it is impossible to keep without oxygen, then it is possible to try to make the small breath, without relaxing at the same time the press muscle.
  • Begin to relax smoothly stomach muscles, doing at the same time the quiet and slow exhalation. Sharp actions aren't allowed.
  • It is necessary to make several smooth breaths and exhalations, and then to repeat exercise the vacuum again.

Over time it is possible to detain air for one minute. The number of approaches can be increased to 5 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team