How to make the scheme of the website

How to make the scheme of the website

Modern resources often have the convenient page under the name "Site map". It helps the visitor of the website to be guided with filling of a resource and content if he cannot understand the menu and navigation. The scheme of the website facilitates information search on a resource under any given sections and provides to them quick access.


1. For creation of a site map create at first a new HTML page. When forming this page solve whether the card of a resource mainly for the guests is necessary, or it will be a peculiar tag cloud for search engines.

2. Very carefully think over categories of the card and structure in order that people just were guided in it. Note names of sections and subsections.

3. For simplification of search of materials by the scheme specify the short description and contents of sections. If on a resource there are new categories or the structure changes, do not forget to reflect changes in the card of a resource, having updated it.

4. If during creation of a site map you are guided mainly by search engines, do the scheme in the XML format. There is a lot of XML generators, it is easy to find them in a world wide web. For example, use service, the located at

5. Enter the website address in the field for input, click the Start button and wait until service processes for you free of charge up to 500 pages. If your resource of the small size, it quite is suitable for opportunities of service, and he for you will create the suitable card in the XML format.

6. Save the received file in the root directory of a resource on the server.

7. For creation of the scheme of the website in Google register the account of the webmaster there, come into the section under the name Sitemap, then specify the link to the address of the XML card page. The same system works at Yandex.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team