How to make the text for online store: snippet and title description

How to make the text for online store: snippet and title description

Many beginning seo-copywriters believe that for creation of the qualitative seo-text it is rather correct to place keywords. But if it is about the text for online store, then it is necessary to make friends with meta-tags. In this article you learn how it is correct to make snippet, title description.


1. Create texts for online stores really easily if the seo-copywriter knows some cunnings, which:

1. make up for traffic on the website;
2. provoke to make a purchase;
3. bring benefit to business.

Do you want to learn "where the dog is buried"?

The first step: make friends with such concepts as title, description, snippet.

2. When the potential buyer looks for any given goods on the Internet, he receives the whole list of similar online stores in delivery. The race for attention and a purse of the consumer will be won by those which "will hook for live" from first minutes. In other words, the user will open that link which will seem to him useful.

What promotes it?

1. The selling title with keywords;
2. The selling description with keywords;
3. The selling snippet.

Step 2. Let's compare 2 declarations (rice No. 1 and No. 2)

3. In the first declaration as the buyer, I do not see for myself useful information (rice No. 1). In the second (rice No. 2) – there is more specifics. Most likely, I will contact the second shop, than the first. Now you see: there is enough one minute and click that the online store lost the buyer. And who is guilty of everything? Title and snippet.

4. The task of the seo-copywriter is to make competently title and description and also to surround "keys" with the correct words.
One more detail which positively affects a snippet and brings on the website of buyers – a micromarking. What the animal is it is possible to read on Yandex in the section "Webmaster".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team